The Job

You never think this time is going to come.  You start this parenting journey and it seems so long and tiring at first.  It's all sleepless nights and endless laundry and constant washing and feeding and worrying.  Well, the worrying never stops, anyway.  You think, if I can just get a full night's sleep, I'll … Continue reading The Job

Yankee Swap

I was first introduced to the Yankee Swap at our family Christmas party, although I don't remember exactly how long ago.  I can't remember a family Christmas party without a Yankee Swap, so it's obviously been a tradition for a long time.  Although everyone just called it the "Grab Bag," which seemed appropriate for the … Continue reading Yankee Swap

Halloween Through the Years: My Life in Headlines

If someone thought my life was interesting enough to write about, and they decided that Halloween would be the perfect lens, they might write something like the following.  But obviously, no one does, so I'll have to write it myself, on the off-chance that it might make someone (besides me) laugh. Disturbance Investigated in Quiet … Continue reading Halloween Through the Years: My Life in Headlines