(images from internet clip art) She is quiet and shy She hides her words Behind a smile And a nod She is an observer And a listener She hears all the words Even the ones not meant for her She hears the meaning In the tone The words under the words She sees the tired … Continue reading She

Spectator Sport

                Is cross country a spectator sport?                 Yes.                 And no.                 Maybe.                 Well, it depends.                 I’ll try to explain.  I’m a first time Cross Country Mom. My son ran with the high school team as an eighth grader this fall. (He ran last year too, but I feel like it was … Continue reading Spectator Sport

Time Capsule

    Middle Daughter graduated from high school almost three months ago.  Then, the summer seemed to stretch out before us like we had all the time we could possibly want.  Now there are only days before she moves into her college dorm.                 I haven’t really been processing this.  I’ve simultaneously been staying very busy … Continue reading Time Capsule