The Week of Red Bliss

Snapshots from Senior Week/Graduation                 It was a week of red bliss- which accurately describes both my face and the potato salad I overbought. (Thursday)                 Middle Daughter kept looking at me, “Don’t cry Mom,” she’d said.  Of course that didn’t help, and the tears came anyway.  I looked away but I didn’t want to.  … Continue reading The Week of Red Bliss

Part Time

                I heard a Hootie and the Blowfish song, "Hold my Hand,"  on the radio the other day and I was immediately taken back to my high school job at the mall.  It was my junior year, and I was working at J. Riggings, a tiny little men's clothing store.  It was in a corner … Continue reading Part Time


                My Dad arrived in Viet Nam on his 21st birthday.  He didn't share much more than that when my brother and I were kids.  He'd brought a few souvenirs back with him, some tall black wooden vases with etchings on them, and he'd told us a little about where he got them.  He … Continue reading Reflections