Spectator Sport

                Is cross country a spectator sport?                 Yes.                 And no.                 Maybe.                 Well, it depends.                 I’ll try to explain.  I’m a first time Cross Country Mom. My son ran with the high school team as an eighth grader this fall. (He ran last year too, but I feel like it was … Continue reading Spectator Sport

Time Capsule

    Middle Daughter graduated from high school almost three months ago.  Then, the summer seemed to stretch out before us like we had all the time we could possibly want.  Now there are only days before she moves into her college dorm.                 I haven’t really been processing this.  I’ve simultaneously been staying very busy … Continue reading Time Capsule

The Week of Red Bliss

Snapshots from Senior Week/Graduation                 It was a week of red bliss- which accurately describes both my face and the potato salad I overbought. (Thursday)                 Middle Daughter kept looking at me, “Don’t cry Mom,” she’d said.  Of course that didn’t help, and the tears came anyway.  I looked away but I didn’t want to.  … Continue reading The Week of Red Bliss

How to Deal

                This is a picture of a closed door. This is very common in my house. I have teenagers. I should write a blog titled “How to Deal with Cranky Teens.” It could be one of the shortest blogs in history.  It could start out like this…                 “I don’t even know.”                 And it … Continue reading How to Deal

Too Much and Never Enough

(Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021)                 My cheeks hurt and my heart is racing a bit.  What is this?                 Happiness and excitement and hope.  That’s what this feels like.                 When Kamala Harris walked through the glass doors and took her seat for the inauguration, I burst into tears.  It was an unexpected reaction.  … Continue reading Too Much and Never Enough

The Gift

Honoring KTC club members (photo by glmulroy)                 It’s been ten months and one day since the Knights Theater Company gathered in the 900 seat auditorium for what would be the only performance of “A Chorus Line”—a rough draft-turned dress rehearsal, with some incomplete costumes, a few absent students, and a soundtrack instead of an … Continue reading The Gift