I am a Mom

SONY DSCI am a Mom.

I am a Situation Assessor and a Situation Handler.

I am the Chaser of Nightmares and the Monster Vanquisher

I am the Maker of Magic Potions

Sprinkler of Pixie Dust

The Spider Catcher

I am a Keeper of Secrets and a Finder of Things

I am the Mood-Gauge and the Tone-Setter

I am the Schedule Manager and the Time Keeper

I am the Organizer, the Fixer, the Inventor

I am the Moderator, the Counselor, the Tie-Breaker, the Silencer

I am a Dance Mom and a Little League Mom

I’m a Pointe Shoe Seamstress and a Pop-fly Catcher

I am the Spotlight and the Shadow

I am the Shoulder to Cry on

and the One they don’t want to Listen To

I am a Fire-Starter and an Ice-Breaker

I am a Sooth-Sayer and a Nay-Sayer

I am a Sounding Board and a Confidante

I am There

and Not There.

I am a Rock and a Puddle

I am the Laughter, the Tears, the Love.

I am the Mom.

9 thoughts on “I am a Mom

  1. So eloquently said my cousin 😘
    We are so many things to so many, that it is at times overwhelming and breathtaking. I am the Mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world 🌎💖

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  3. I can totally relate! I like your creativity as you describe your many hats. I too wear many hats as a mother of 3. I enjoyed this post. For a brief second I was able to step off my mom-coaster and board yours through your perspective. Thanks for sharing!


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