The Nightmare in My Kitchen


What’s this? What’s this?

There’s something way back there

What’s this?

The smell is everywhere

What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes

I must be dreaming

Wake up, Gretch, this isn’t fair

What’s this?


What’s this? What’s this?

There’s something very wrong

What’s this?

It’s been here way too long


What’s this?

Containers lined with

Little fuzzy algae

I am definitely not happy

Have I possibly gone daffy?

Does this look like Christmas taffy?

What’s this?


Something’s growing on the meatballs

It’s green and white and red

I thought they were the meatballs…

It smells like something’s dead


There’s goo on every surface

Oh, I can’t believe my eyes

Because in my nose I feel the smell

That’s coming from inside


Oh look

What’s this?

I think it used to be some milk

Why that smells so… unique… obscene

There’s no one ’round to hear me swear and yell

No one here to help me clean

What’s this?


What’s this?

In here we’ve got old produce, how queer

And who would ever think

And why?


It’s covered with some tiny growing things

How long before it grows some wings?

And there’s a grimace on my face

So, now, correct me if I’m wrong

This isn’t fun

This is no fun

Oh, could it be that I’ve been cursed?

What’s this?


Oh my, what now?

There seems to be old cheese

But look, there’s something underneath

Old ham, or turkey, stamped four weeks past due

Scary moldy slimy little creepy things

Secure inside their ziplocs


What’s this?

The expiration dates are missing

It’s a nightmare I have found

And in their place there seems to be

Foul scented things all around


Instead of freshness, I swear

I smell “oldness” in the air

The scents of sour and decay

Are absolutely everywhere


The sights, the sounds

They’re everywhere and all around

I’ve never felt so gross before

This empty place inside of me is filling up

I just might have to puke it up


Get it out, oh, get it out

Oh I just can’t take it now

I’ve got to know

I’ve got to know

How did this place come to be found…

What is this?

My fridge…??


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