Too Much and Never Enough

(Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021)                 My cheeks hurt and my heart is racing a bit.  What is this?                 Happiness and excitement and hope.  That’s what this feels like.                 When Kamala Harris walked through the glass doors and took her seat for the inauguration, I burst into tears.  It was an unexpected reaction.  … Continue reading Too Much and Never Enough

The Gift

Honoring KTC club members (photo by glmulroy)                 It’s been ten months and one day since the Knights Theater Company gathered in the 900 seat auditorium for what would be the only performance of “A Chorus Line”—a rough draft-turned dress rehearsal, with some incomplete costumes, a few absent students, and a soundtrack instead of an … Continue reading The Gift

She Wrote a Book

                My friend who wrote a book.                 Actually, it's more than that.  My friend shared her story; she took a risk and bared her soul.                 In A Life Suspended, Nicole Donovan "describes the path to her son's autism diagnosis and her journey to acceptance and unconditional love, not only for Jack, but for … Continue reading She Wrote a Book