Part Time

                I heard a Hootie and the Blowfish song, "Hold my Hand,"  on the radio the other day and I was immediately taken back to my high school job at the mall.  It was my junior year, and I was working at J. Riggings, a tiny little men's clothing store.  It was in a corner … Continue reading Part Time

Photo Ready

I've done 10 days of yard work in a row.  This is significant for me.  As in, "one for the record books, isn't anyone paying attention to how much yard work I've done in 10 days" note-worthy.  Especially considering yard work for me is motivated by guilt or shame. Guilt:  when hubby, who routinely works … Continue reading Photo Ready

The Day the Wifi Went Down

                What do you do when your internet and wifi go down-completely and inexplicably- on the second day of a new school year, and your teen daughters need that connection for 90% of their homework, and your tech-savvy husband is away for 5 days?                 If you're me, you panic.                 And send lots of … Continue reading The Day the Wifi Went Down